Thursday, December 15, 2011

O, Christmas Tree! O, Christmas Tree!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Christmas tree made of beer cans, and it's at Percy Street Barbecue. The 8-foot tall wonder is made of over 400 beer cans, most of them from PSB's "Six Pack Program." Like a lot of bottle shops/take-away beer places in Philly, PSB offers a discount on mix-a-six packs. There, buy five cans of beer, and the sixth is free.

I'll admit, I've only been to Percy Street Barbecue once, and it was for a cocktail reception, so I haven't yet eaten a proper meal there. But the feedback I've seen on it has been mostly positive—and hell, it's Michael Solomonov, so how could it possibly be anything less than "pretty good"? So this makes me really want to go throw down some barbecue, crack a can of beer, and celebrate the good feelings of the season.

Photo by Drea Rane, via Profile PR